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Jul 23

Greetings from South Florida


I praise Elohim for this wonderful online community. Over the last few years I have come into so much truth of the reality of lies in this earthly existence. Of course, not many people, including "Christians", understand. So I haven't had anyone to talk with, get excited about revelation with, express my thoughts, or learn with concerning all the deep truths of Jesus. I thank God for this community. I would really like to fellowship with others to grow as a follower of Christ. Please forgive me, I do not yet recall the spelling of our Lord's Hebrew name. Still learning the spelling and pronunciation. :)

Shalom! I just wanted to say I agree, my walk has only been a couple months to be honest but I feel the exact same! This ministry has woken me to so much and it is literally my only outlet to speak to others that observe Torah! May YHWH continue to awaken those he chose and keep all that have been awoken from falling back to fleshly things!!

Jul 25

Amen my brother. I gave my life to the Lord several years ago. I have come into a great amount of revelation and knowledge on the deep things in the last 2 years. I just recently found parable of the vineyard and have been watching the videos. I have watched Enoch and a few other videos. There are so many! So much information. I have now settled into watching the series where Adam and Justin go through reading the book of Enoch. I am praying for the Lord to cause my spirit to absorb all of His Word and apply it to my life as a faithful servant. I am not sure I completely understand how to observe the Torah yet. Or how to follow Shabbat (I hope I spelled it right). Still learning. Yehusha certainly has led me to a ministry which is building me up as a true disciple of Yehusha. Glory be to the King of Kings!

New Posts
  • Hello everyone, I’m new to the idea of following Torah and I’m looking to buy the best version of the scriptures as possible. Should I Purchase the Cepher or another version? Thank you for the guidance!
  • I received the Cepher in the mail and decided to start at the beginning. I couldn’t get past the first 18 verses without rereading them several times. I am perplexed and the “light” referred to in verses 1-5 (1st day) in comparison to the lights placed in the expanse of the heavens (4th day). In the past I had always assumed that the light created on the first day was the same as the sun and moon. It appears they are not. Can anyone expand on this?
  • This was the BIGGEST day of my LIFE! I went to Florida and was baptized with my brothers and sisters, for that thank you Justin and Adam.